JANUARY 21 from 2PM TO 4PM

The School of Therapeutic 

Reflexology and CE Classes

Student Clinic Reflexology Appointments Available!

Starting January 18, 2022 

One Hour Student Clinic Reflexology $39

Student clinic setting - may be more than one client in classroom receiving treatment

One Hour Apprenticeship Reflexology $49 

Includes a warm neck wrap and hot foot towels-one client only in treatment room providing a nice & quiet atmosphere 

Reflexology Services by Teri Hoskins

Sore Feet? Try Foot Reflexology

One Hour $75

Enjoy a full 60 minutes of foot reflexology while you drift off, relax and destress from your daily activities. 

45 Minutes $60

Treat yourself to a relaxing foot reflexology ​session allowing yourself to fall into a deep state of euphoria.   

30 Minutes $45

Need a little TLC? This one's for you! Thirty minutes of bliss, whi​le​ you enjoy your feet being pampered.